Kurt Nelson attended the 32nd United States - Canada Golfing Fellowship of Rotarian's
    in Denver Colorado between September 18-20. Forty golfing Rotarian's from all across
    the United States and Canada participated in this three day tournament.
  Day 1 was held at Arrowhead Golf Course.  Nestled in the foothills of Colorado's majestic
  Rocky Mountains.  I was partnered with Arthur Schneider from the Villages of Florida.  My
  score on Day 1 was 89. 
  Days 2-3 took place at Fossil Trace Golf Course. Holes 11 thru 15 were walked by dinosaurs
  some 64-million years prior.  You can see the footprints in the rock formations.  I scored 99
  on both days.  My best memory was missing an eagle putt by inches on the par-5 hole
  pictured were I hit around the rock formations. 
The 33rd USCGFR Championship will take place on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls September 17-20 2023.
For additional information I recommend checking the USCGFR website at www.usgfr.com.