The Fidalgo Island Rotary Club and many of it's members sponsor students from poor families in Cop├ín, Honduras through the International Project Alliance (IPA) Adopt-A-Dream program.  Students regularly send letters thanking members for their support and sharing some of their experiences.
Most of the letters say something very similar.  The students express their thanks for all the support they've been given, the tools provided such as backpacks, and for the overall support to their communities.  Often times they express how much they enjoy going to school and some of the things they do outside of school such as planting trees or helping their parents with housework.  Although the letters say something similar, each one is unique and comes from the students with heartfelt appreciation for all the support they are receiving.  
Here are some pictures of the school Fidalgo Island Rotary Club (FIR) supports in Copan.
FIRs International Committee provides $1528 to the IPA for supporting the school with whatever they need each year.
One of the younger (adorable) students.  Hmmm wonder what he just finished eating? 
Interested in supporting a student?  Find out more at Adopt-a-Dream.