On Tuesday, Feb. 2, Fidalgo Island Rotary celebrated the 24th anniversary of its chartering. In an event fondly known as "Charter Night," members gather annually to remember how the club was founded, honor those who have worked so hard to bring it to life and marvel at how far it has come. Normally, this event calls for a little pomp and circumstance - in years past, FIR members have hosted a nice dinner, inviting club alums, Rotary dignitaries and members' families to join in celebration of Fidalgo Island Rotary and all we have accomplished. However, in keeping with the theme of the past year, things looked a little different this year. 
Members met on Zoom on Tuesday night, but boisterous spirits were not lessened by virtual connections. Susan Guterbock acted as the event emcee, playfully quizzing the group about Rotary trivia, from when Fidalgo Island Rotary was chartered (Jan. 3, 1997) to when women were allowed in Rotary (1989.) After trivia (congrats to Kandy and Barb for earning the highest scores!) all members in attendance blew out a birthday candle in their own home for FIR (although some members made due with a vanilla scented Yankee candle or a book light). While it was not our usual affair, it was still a beautiful was to celebrate FIR and connect with each other, and certainly a celebration members will remember for years to come! Thanks for the Family of Rotary committee for bringing us together and putting the event on!