Round 3 (16) will be drawn on April 7th
Rounds 4 (8),5 (4),6 (2) will happen on April 14th
As of this Sunday we have made $123 for the Fun Club with all the slots full for this Tuesday's drawing in the Sweet 16.  Look to see who makes the Elite Eight that afternoon.
I will setup a Zoom broadcast for Rounds 4, 5, and 6 the afternoon of Tuesday April 14th.
Each individual in the Elite Eight will play a game of WAR.  Each player will get one set of cards between Ace and King (13 cards) that they will randomly arrange and provide three sets to the Bracketologist before Tuesday April 14th.  During the broadcast each game will be seen live with the winner of the WAR game moving forward until we know the Final Four, Championship Game, and overall Champion. Prizes will be awarded to those who make it to the Final Four.