As you may have noticed, masks have become all the rage this fall. Whether you're at the grocery store or strolling along Commercial Avenue, everyone is wearing them! (OK, yes, we know, it's because we need to wear masks to keep the community safe during a pandemic. But isn't it more fun to imagine this is the hottest trend out of Paris Fashion Week?) 
If you're looking for a new face mask for your trip out in public, look no further than Hand Made by Patsy. Our very own Patsy McCuaig is creating 
100% cotton face coverings with adjustable ear pieces and wire nose support. The cut and design are made specifically for those who wear glasses (and who know all to well the annoying fog that comes with it!) These masks come in a wide range of colors and patterns, and most are reversible, unless they have additional accessories and delightful bling. Patsy makes her masks in several sizes, so you can find your exact fit. 
If you're in need of a new face covering (or two!) check out the Hand Made by Patsy Facebook page, or email Patsy at You can also keep an eye out for these masks at local stores such as Sebo's Hardware.
Stay safe, and stay stylish!