Inspired by fellow Rotarian Cliff Merkel's recent photography journey through Scotland, Brianna Hackler and her hubby (and Friend of Rotary) Trent, planned their own road trip through the UK. Ditching town on Thanksgiving and hopping across the pond, the couple armed themselves with Brianna's camera, hiking boots, rain jackets and a GPS (all packed very thoughtfully into just two carry-on bags.) The two started their journey in Edinburgh, Scotland, where they rented a car and spent the next 10 days touring the Scottish and English countrysides, including to Stonehenge outside Bath, England, where the two got incredibly lucky and saw their one sunset of the trip! (Trent forgot to bring the sacrificial rabbit though, so the two had to pass up the opportunity for any ritualistic voodoo.) Click to see more photos and about a few highlights!
The trip started in Edinburgh and took the Hacklers through the countryside, eventually making their way to London. They saw the famous Edinburgh Castle, traipse up to Stirling Castle, then started their journey south. 
Stirling Castle, above its graveyard
The couple found their way through the Scottish moors to the abandoned Caerlaverock Castle... 
They hiked through the English Lake District and deeply considered buying a sheep farm and never coming home... 
They toured Lancaster Castle, which Brianna has a strange connection to, as she grew up on a street named Lancaster Road. She learned the castle (still in use today as a courthouse!) was known most for its hangings and was one of the first prisons, active until 2011. 
The couple stopped for a pint at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, where the Beatles got their start. Here, the Hacklers danced to live music, most notably, a cover of "Here Comes the Sun," which they walked down the aisle to at their wedding. The two also signed their names in lipstick on the wall, per Cavern Club tradition. 
They bathed in the healing waters at Bath, and ate more cheese than they ever thought possible... 
A favorite moment is their trip to Bewcastle, a Roman fortress turned church, located in what can only be described as the middle of nowhere. During a jetlagged night, awake at 3 a.m., Trent found the now-church through a Google search of things to see in the area. The next morning, the two drove down a single lane dirt road to find the stunning church in the middle of a sheep farm. Brianna and Trent admired hundreds-of-year-old graves and marveled at the 7th century cross in the churchyard, the oldest of its kind and the only one still standing in its original location. It was incredible to see the artwork and masonry from so many years ago, and literally alone in the middle of a farm. The church is still in use today by the 300 people in the surrounding area.  
Needless to say, the Hacklers were not eager to come home. However, they missed their kitty and their own beds, and Trent missed driving on the right side of the road (he didn't hit a single thing while driving on the left side during their vacation, and Brianna is so proud!)
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