Val and I met the Curtis's, (Richard and Jodie) along with the Kubena's (Tony and Joella) last Sunday morning for a 5 mile hike through Deception Pass Park. Val knew of a trail by the Cornet Bay boat launch called Hoypus Point that none of us had ever hiked before. What started off as a little uphill hike became a long uphill hike but was offset by seeing the biggest trees I have ever seen in my life. We all marveled at the height and circumference of these appropriately named FIR trees. 
We all welcomed the downhill portion of the hike and stopped for the photo to commemorate our trip which terminated at the old ferry landing on the point. The tide was out and some people wanted to walk back on the beach to the boat launch area even though Richard voted to walk back on the old road. Richard was shamed into taking the beach trail by someone saying we all needed to stick together so we slopped our way across the wet rocks and the seaweed that was slicker than snot. After a while we decide Richard was the smartest guy on the planet at that time and we looked for a trail to get us back up to the road. As we came across a big slimy log hindering our trek the search for a way up became more urgent. 
We found an opening and proceeded into the woods only to be stopped by a wetlands area. 
Everyone except Tony and I returned to the beach and continued past the big bad slimy log. Tony was blazing a trail through the woods and we knew we were close to the road. We came across and tennis shoe in the brush and I didn't want to find the owner of it in this remote brushy area. We keep charging and finally made it to the road and headed off to safety. We walked about 100 yards and saw the remainder off our group relaxing by a bench waiting for us with smiles on their faces for making the right decision. They missed out on the memories Tony and I will always have plus the nettle stings. After a scenic 1/2 mile walk we returned to the parking area and rejoiced about our adventures and Joella passed out some great scones she had made that morning. Thanks to a great free app called All Trails we managed to stay on course and did not have to resort to cannibalism or call 911 for help.
I think we should form a Rotary hiking group to do some get togethers and enjoy the spaces and trails we are fortunate to have around here. If anyone is interested please let me know. We can do all levels of hikes from simple things like the Tommy Thompson or others that are more challenging. I know a couple of goofballs that would be game to meet up and do this. Have a great week and enjoy the day.