Have you seen those spiffy benches on the Tommy Thompson trail? If you're new to Fidalgo Island Rotary, you may not know that those beautiful wood benches were built by our very own Phil Case. The park around the benches, lovingly called the "pocket park" for its adorable size, and the benches are maintained by Fidalgo Island Rotary.
On Aug. 17, Phil led a small crew out to the park (located south east of the trail entrance on 34th and V Ave.) to complete regular upkeep so the park looks beautiful and new. Six volunteers joined Phil to weed, cut the grass and refurbish the benches, including sanding, prepping the wood and adding two new coats of paint. 
Next time you fancy a stroll (and let's be honest, we could all get out of the house these days!) take a walk down the Tommy Thompson trail to take a gander at the beautiful Fidalgo Island Rotary Pocket Park - the perfect place to sit and contemplate how much you miss Bill French's bad jokes and Diana Jordan-New's tasty breakfasts!