The fourth and final adventure with Trek for Treasure took the FIR Fun teams to Ebey's Landing Bluff Trail were the teams were on the lookout for Pirates. We completed the hike as the sun was setting over the horizon.  On the breach Brianna found a hut to take a break in and a fallen tree to practice her pole moves.  Dave spent most of the hike in the back rather than leading from the front. The views from the cliffs and along the beach were sometime from Mt Rainer to Mt Baker in view.  
Some background History: Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, was the most hunted pirate in all the Caribbean. Between 1716-1717, Blackbeard had amassed a great wealth to rival that of small countries.
Feeling the Crown closing in on him, Blackbeard devised a plan to move much of his massive plunder to the western coast of North America, far from the British and the Spanish warships that hunted him. Blackbeard employed a small crew led by the clever Anne Bonny and the ruthless Captain John Rackham.
However, as history is told, Blackbeard and his treasure never made it to the western coast of America. His ship was attacked and looted by British forces as Blackbeard met his demise.
What became of Anne Bonny and Captain John Rackham? As we have learned through years of research, Anne and John loaded a small ship of treasure prior to the invasion by British soldiers and headed to the western coast of America. They are believed to have made it as far as Ebey’s Landing here in Washington
The group plans to continue hiking together through the fall season.  We will keep the club informed of the teams plans so may join us as we hike the great trails in the area.