The second adventure took the FIR Fun teams to Northern State Mental Institution looking for ghosts. The teams had to search the ground on different days following a provided map.  Both parties had issues reading the map and went off course but were able to find the building were we found the "mad ghost nurse.  Team Two on their hike ran into a mama deer with two babies "Very Cute."  Team One ran into other adventure warriors who kept them on the straight and narrow. 
Some background History: Northern State Mental Institution housed patients from 1912-1973. Treatment, although acceptable at the time, is now considered barbaric. This included transorbital lobotomies and many experimental medical treatments. While a small minority could be a danger to themselves and others, most patients suffered from mild mental illness, alcoholism, epilepsy, or were simply non-conformist. During the hospital’s operation, thou-sands of residents died and were buried or cremated on the property in anonymous graves. It is believed the spirits of these poor souls still roam the area.
Sometime in the next two weeks these adventures will be searching for pirates.  Stay tune for the next article.