Posted by Tricia Sharp
Did you know? Fidalgo Island Rotary sponsors a Lending Library out at Washington Park Campground? Usually Lending libraries are hosted in front of resident's houses for the neighborhood kids and adults to borrow books. The idea is to leave a book—take a book, but the club realized for a local campground of Anacortes tourists, visitors might not have a book to give. So we recruited some library volunteers who donate books that would normally get thrown away because of damage to help fill our sweet Little Lending Library. Every Wednesday, a friendly volunteer refills the Library with kid and adult books as well as our Awesome Anacortes Bucket List brochures.
We're finding visitors appreciate the unexpected little library for their kids to promote reading while camping in the great Pacific Northwest. The Bucket List also serves as a FUN treasure hunt for the surrounding areas that keeps their kids busy while vacationing. We find notes and magazines all the time in the Little Lending Library from visitors from all over the world. The library was built by like-minded library enthusiasts members of Fidalgo Island Rotary. To see more pictures of the Little Lending Library CLICK HERE.
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