Every year, Fidalgo Island Rotary accepts grant requests from community members or organizations, donating to causes that we support and enjoy! And what could be more Anacortes than learning how to sail? This summer, the Community Service committee fulfilled a grant request from the Anacortes Waterfront Alliance to help the group purchase new boats for its fleet. 
The goal of the Anacortes Waterfront Alliance is to help the community interact with the waterfront in a meaningful way, including through the preservation of public access and the development of inclusive programs. This nonprofit aims to provide easy access to the water and provide a unified voice for the boating community.

During the summer of 2019, Fidalgo Island Rotary granted the AWA $3,870 to purchase a small sailing vessel, which can be used by the sailing team or the community. The boat was memorialized with a Fidalgo Island Rotary decal, so keep an eye out when you see these vessels out on the water for our very own FIR-branded boat!
Click here to learn more about the AWA. 
Do you have a project that you'd like Fidalgo Island Rotary's assistance with? Download a grant request form from the "LINKS" section on our home page.