We don't have to tell you that things have been weird lately. But that didn't stop Fidalgo Island Rotary from celebrating installation in style during the last week in June (as you can clearly see by our new president, Rosemary Kaholokula!) On June 30, FIR members gathered at the Anacortes Yacht Club parking lot to thank our 2019-20 board, and install our 2020-21 officers. However, there were some restrictions: Presenters stood on the deck, using a mic and amp to speak to members, who stood in the parking lot below. All attendees wore masks and stayed 6+ feet apart. (Thanks to everyone for following the rules so we could safely gather!) It was so fabulous to gather with our Rotary family, and though you can't tell through our masks, our smiles were big and the laughter was loud.
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The Guterbocks and the Kaholokulas followed the dress code,
The Guterbocks and the Kaholokulas followed the dress code, "Zoom Formal" - formal on top, casual on bottom
Our "Roast-master," Richard Curtis, honored (and gently roasted) outgoing president Bill French 
Linda Dobbs was named Rotarian of the Year for all her hard work as our Membership Chair
Lynnette Setmire elbow bumps Bill French when accepting an award for Service to the Club for her work as Youth Services Chairperon; Valerie Tibbetts and Brianna Hackler were also honored. 
Anna Connelly operates Zoom, showing virtual attendees the crowd. Members unable to attend installation could "Zoom In" to watch the events
Rosemary honored Bill with a beautiful gold boa, which we expect he will wear to work every day henceforth