Here is what the troop was accomplishing in October:


Week 1- We learned about the 5 definitions of chemistry, Organic, inorganic, analytical, physical, and  biochemistry, after that we did an experiment with nails and copper sulphate to see how the nails would react once put into the copper sulphate solution.


Week 2 - We as a troop made a slide on our state fossil, the Columbian Mammoth. This slide included it’s name, how old it is, and what it eats.


Week 3 - We discussed what energy we waste and how we could save the energy we use in our daily life.  

Week 4 - We went to village pizza and watched educational videos on the disaster called Chernobyl, to teach us about nuclear science and how radiation can affect the environment.
The Troop Theme for November is Theater. The Scouts will be working on obtaining the Theater Merit Badge and an adventure at Larrabee State Park where they will put on their own play.